Our Partners

Our Partners

Over time we have always worked hand in hand with our other partners and we deliver high quality healthcare services and  on time as required. Below are some of  our partners.

Ministry of Health

Our facility has been enjoying an amazing relationship with the Ministry of Health (MOH) for quite some time now and our cordial relationship has lead to a lot of good things that makes us more efficient and thereafter making our service delivery so easier.

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)

We can boast of having a good relationship with NHIF for a very long period of time now and our cordial relationship has made our clients have very little hustle when using NHIF as the medical cover and the services we deliver to our clients. You are highly encouraged to select Missioncare Hospital - Kitengela for all your Needs NHIF Accredited Code ( 80008618 )

Nairobi County Government

Nairobi County Government been of great impact to our success. Since inception Mission Care Nursing Home has been having a warm relationship with the Nairobi County Government. All this settles to us achieving our objectives with very little or no strain and in turn the clients are never disappointed .